About Leisure Magazine

Leisure is the premier monthly magazine with an online version serving as travellers’ bible on tourism, travel and hospitality industry for young travellers who want to explore Southern Africa and old travellers looking for outing rests as well as investors in the hospitality industry. With 10 000 circulation per month, it provides practical information, user tips and easy-to follow advice on aspects of travel, life, exploration, leisure, investment and holidays. Buy a copy of Leisure Magazine or subscribe in order to find information about where to stay while in Southern Africa, and decide whether you want to stay in town or outside, determined by your need for sightseeing, attractions, easy transport, convenience or whatever your priorities are.


  • Print Order 10, 000
  • Readership 500 000
  • The Leisure Magazine circulation is implemented through diverse distribution channels: Home/office subscriptions, hospitality places, public offices, petrol filling stations, shopping malls and in transit on long road, rail distance and flight transport.

    The allocation is as follows in percentages:
  • Hospitality places 40%
  • On transit, e.g. airports 20%
  • Shopping malls 10%
  • Home delivery 10%
  • Public offices 10%
  • Petrol filling stations 10%
  • * The circulation is audited by Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC).