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Treasures hidden in the Kingdom Mountains

Lesotho is known for her beautiful mountainous landscape. Due to the mountains’ exceptional mineral enrichment, the small landlocked country is a big source of natural wealth. Lesotho is known for natural minerals that include water, vegetation and diamonds which are found in the Kingdom Mountains. However there are other fortunes, among these is a mineral called emerald gemstone which Basotho gave the treasuring name lehakoe. Lehakoe, is a word Basotho meaning beautiful, precious and treasured possessions that are very close to a one’s heart. Emerald, also known as jewel according to Fine Gemstone Jewelry are gem quality specimens with...

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Sand dredging spoiling Lesotho’s beauty

“Lesotho is made up of spectacular scenic beauty, characterised by breath-taking mountain ranges, soaring peaks, crystal clear streams, surging waterfalls and a rich variety of endemic plant species.” “This, makes the ‘Kingdom in the Sky’ one of the most unspoiled natural environments on the continent,’’ says Lesotho High Commission in London. Tourism- Lesotho Review states that, Lesotho possesses wealthy tourism assets, such as outstanding natural beauty, unusual combination of landscapes and experiences setting it apart from other African destinations. Natural resources, including sand are infinite; but with the demand, sand has become the second most used natural commodity on...

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Journey to Ketane!

News reporting is not always as exciting as many people assume it to be. Media coverage can get a reporter anywhere; you can find yourself in uplifting places or the deepest and most humbling places. My journey to Ketane humbled me, it was long and tiring, I got to experience all modes of transport in just a day. The gravel road was in a good condition but the sloping and sharp meanders were stomach-turning. At times there were horrifying places where the road was literally by the river bank. With no road signs in this dangerous road, any slight...

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Mpilo Hotel Lesotho

Buy a copy of Leisure Magazine or subscribe in order to find new developments in the real estate market in case you may want to relocate to Free State, Lesotho or Northern Cape as well as other interesting parts of the...

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Buy a copy of Leisure Magazine or subscribe in order to know where you can do your shopping for arts, crafts, fashion, traditional or unique attires while in Free State, Lesotho and Northern Cape as well as other interesting parts of the world. These include shopping areas, malls and department stores, streets market and shopping streets. Whether you’re a fashion hound, market hound for business purposes or for gifts, there is plenty to choose from in these...

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