Environmental Assessment Practitioners Association of Lesotho (EAPAL) has scheduled variety of activities meant to continuously inform, educate and raise awareness on the importance of safeguarding environment.
The activities are coinciding with World Environment Day (WED) and signals EAPAL commitment towards joining the international community in celebrating WED, EAPAL President, Dr. Akinagum Fidelis Esenjor has said.
According to the Dr Esenjor, road work, debate competitions and tree planting will be some of the upcoming activities earmarked for WED.
“To us experts in environmental issues, celebrating WED has to be a continuous journey leaving the society with no choice but to hear our call in as far as environment is concerned,” he highlighted.
Describing further the proposed activities, Dr. Esenjor said though they have no exact dates, they wish to start implementation of these happenings aimed at involving the community in protecting the environment in a short space of time.
He therefore invited the society, including schools, to pay attention, agree to participate in this initiative paving way towards attainment of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on environment.
Meanwhile, the rest of the world commemorated WED on June 5, a day dedicated to awareness raising, informing the global community the importance of taking action in protecting environment.
Since 1970s, such a day has been a campaign devoted to awareness raising on developing environmental issues from human overpopulation and global warming, amongst others.
A total of over 100 countries are reported to take notice of this day while this year’s theme is beating air pollution.