The Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Culture, Mrs. Motena Ts’olo officially launched the 3rd annual National Arts, Innovation and Culture Week scheduled for October 2 to 6, 2017.
Speaking at a press briefing held in Maseru on Friday, Mrs. Ts’olo stated that the Week is intended for Basotho to showcase their artistic and creative abilities.
She indicated that the aim is to also promote and market the talents, culture and norms of Basotho as well as other nations living in the country in order to promote tourism.
She further stated that the Week offers a platform for performers and artists to meet and share skills. She also added that the aim is to promote cultural diversity.
Mrs. Ts’olo pointed out that various activities such as exhibitions, fashion shows, film festival and food carnival have been organised to take place during the Week.
She said the events will take place in different areas around Maseru, adding that various sectors and people of different age groups are expected to participate in celebrating this week.
She emphasised that the Week is not only about exposing talents but also about discovering talents so that talented people who are not yet recognised or unable to develop can be assisted.
Mrs. Ts’olo remarked that creative industries has the potential to help improve the country’s economy and create jobs which she described as national priorities. She therefore appealed to leaders and the public to support the Week. She also called for support of the products, talent and innovation of Basotho.
Basotho are expected to use and wear products made in the country during the Arts, Innovation and Culture Week. Various awareness campaigns are expected to take place throughout the country in preparation of the Week.