This restaurant being in the centre of town is always quite busy. The combination of Indian /African cuisine is remarkable .
Aside from the naan which is not naan (it’s like a giant deep dish pizza crust), this is an amazing place for Indian food.
This is what one guest had to say: “I don’t mean amazing for Lesotho, I mean amazing for anywhere. Sooooo good. I also went here for my birthday and they brought out a complimentary piece of cake!
Indian. Veggie. Cant eat Pizza & Burger all the time. Its curry time then with Regal. Awesome menu with carefully prepared dishes authentic and a big surprise especially for the fact that you find this in Maseru out of all the places.
Just as I entered the restaurant premises, I got a nice natured young lady standing waiting to welcome and usher arriving customer(s) to a seat of his/her/their favourite location. She then politely and asks whether the client is ready to place an order, if not she asks whether a drink can be served as the client makes up their mind.”